Homeschool Warning

It is a sad fact about home schooling, but one that parents must be warned about. It is the same warning that we give to parents who think their children are safe in small white rural schools or in private Christian schools. The warning is about textbooks.

The Jewish influence in the textbook industry is heavy. By this I mean that the myth of the Jews being God’s chosen race (rather than the historically accurate white race) is taught as a matter of fact. Furthermore, the textbooks are encouraging race mixing. The problem with home school textbooks published by “Christian” publishers and those textbooks that are also available in private Christian schools, is that not only do they promote race mixing, but they give a Biblical basis for why it is acceptable by God. No where in Scripture is mixing of the races acceptable. And because people have been robbed of their racial history, they do not have the knowledge sometimes to counteract the Jewish lies that have taken hold in the modern churches.

One of these lies is that Moses married a black woman. The woman was a Cushite (earlier name for Ethiopian) descended from Ham – son of Noah. Many people in recent years have tried to claim that Ham and his descendants were cursed with black skin. This is one of the reasons that some Southern churches and slave owners gave in justifying slavery. It was because, they thought, the black race was cursed. The black race isn’t cursed. They are exactly the way God made them. However, they are still to be separate from us as we are to separate from the other races. Because Moses’ sister Miriam turned white with leprosy as punishment for taking dispute with the marriage of Moses and the Cushite woman – some claim this is even more proof that he married a black woman.

It was in all actuality one of the first Biblical examples of God’s disdain for state nationalism versus white nationalism. (It is not wrong to have separate nations – but it is wrong to behave in a hateful manner to our sister white nations – and only war of self defense or to correct a wrong is justified) True, the governmental nation of Israel was told to keep from the heathen tribes of the area. However, when coming into contact with other nations who were white but not Israelite – there was no condemnation. It is the same today. There have been years of anger between the Irish and the English or the Germans and others. But this does not mean that it is Biblically wrong for Irish and English people to wed or for Germans and Russians to wed. They are all white, but of different nation states. The Bible fully supports white nationalism. Our race is our nation and this is all that the story of Moses tells. Joseph also married a princess in Egypt – the daughter of the priest of On. But well read students of ancient history know that at this time, the Egyptians were a white people. It was not until later after the importation of Negroes that the Egyptians began to mix and lost their racial identity. Likewise with the Queen of Sheba – who was not black – but tanned – and was of Israel stock.

Ken Ham, the famous “creationist” is a favorite of the new apostate Christian church. He is heavily cited as an expert in Christian science textbooks. He misleads his followers into believing in evolution. How can a “creationist” mislead sincere Christians into believing in evolution? He teaches that Adam and Eve were the first humans (we know they were the first white man and woman) and that from them all Homosapiens resulted. After the tower of Babel incident when God confused the languages – Ken Ham teaches that people went to different parts of the world and in a few hundred years evolved into the different races. People in Africa became black and got tight kinky hair. People in Asia got extra eye folds from squinting at the sun and people in Europe – well they didn’t really change much at all. His theories are bizarre and based on Charles Darwin. Noah and his family who God spared because he was perfect in his generation (racially pure) He wasn’t really perfect – only Jesus Christ is perfect – were a mixed race family – we are told by “scientists” like Ham. He would have us believe that Noah had a racially integrated family. None of his teachings make any sense and smack of the ramblings of a small child who comes up with various fantasies as to why the sky is blue.

It is not because I believe home schooling book publishers have great textbooks that I chose to home school my own children, but in spite of the textbooks. I do not want my children learning to hate the white race or learning Christian evolution. These things are not Biblical though the modern church has embraced them whole heartedly.

There are many great white nationalist books out there that you can use as supplements to your home school curriculum. You probably won’t find a lot wrong with basic books about math or grammar (be careful though about the stories that may be included in these books or the pictures of children in an integrated setting) But be warned about the biological -“creation” science books and the history books.

The rule that you must teach by is to always know what your children are reading. I am not saying not to use any book – but perhaps use them as a guideline instead. Use the history books as a basis for the chronological order of the world’s history – but remember to read up on history yourself so that you can correct the many errors that permeate the textbooks. Egypt wasn’t a great black civilization. Indians aren’t the first Americans (America is a concept). Jews aren’t to be confused with the Israelites. Rome did not take Christianity to the British Isles – western Europe was not inhabited by Pagan barbarians – and so on.

But even if you worry that you don’t know enough about these subjects to enable you to teach your children well, you must remember that your number one goal for home schooling must be to instill a healthy sense of racial pride in your children. This is something you can do!