This website is a joint effort of the Christian Revival Center (Thomas Robb Ministries) and The Knights Party.

For years we have watched the downgrading of the educational system in this nation and nations abroad. It is an established, though not publicized, fact that the learning in America is being dumbed down. Billions of dollars are spent each year trying to lift up the non-white races to an equal playing field with white students. The money often looks to be well spent in the elementary school ages. However, upon reaching the teen years it is as if the non-white races have reached their peak. There are many reasons why this may be the case and we will not attempt to supply the answer.

If you are the parents of a white child you may become frustrated to know that your child’s lessons may become stagnate so that the others can continually play catch up. What shocks even more parents and college bound teens is the unfair manner in which most colleges around the country select their students. There is such a wide gap in the performance levels of white and non-white students, that universities have started to get creative in their selection process.

The selection process in many colleges is no longer determined on academic achievement, but on unique criteria with the sole intention of raising the acceptance levels of non-whites.

This all stems from the imaginary idea that all people are the same. While it is fair to assume that everyone should have an equal chance, it is not fair to decide that everyone should be promised the same rewards. For those who do not know or have forgotten what Communism is, let me tell you that this is in fact Communistic. We will discuss this more in another section.

The point I want to make is that the educational institutions are depriving our children of a quality education in order to satisfy the desires of social engineers.

But, it is not just the quality of education that we must be concerned with. That is not even the worst part. Adults can learn and make up for any lack of knowledge they did not receive as a child. What is scary is the true goal of social engineers. That goal is to instill a guilt complex in the people of white heritage.

When a person feels intense guilt, they will often give in to anything. They will put up with persecution and affliction. They will allow their rights to be trampled on. They will even put others first before their own families. They will do all of this in a sick perverted way of erasing their deep seeded guilt. They can be led down the wrong path.

This is the most dangerous aspect of the government school system in America, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc. The true goal of these educational leaders is not to teach your children reading, math, science, geography, communication, and so on. Their true goal is to change the values and morals of the nations. They are doing this one child and one school at a time.

We find this to be outrageous! Therefore, it is our goal to impress upon as many people as possible the need to take the education of their children seriously. Of course, there are already many people doing this and doing a fine job at it. But, in the last twenty years – the time in which home schooling has really become popular – we have neither seen nor heard of a website or resource for white nationalist parents. And by white nationalist parents, we mean parents who are concerned about their white brothers and sisters.

More parents are deciding to home school than ever before, but it is no different in the home schooling movement than it is in the rest of society. It is often very difficult to approach the subject of white pride or racial integrity. “What is your reason for home schooling?” they may ask. Of course, you know that it is because you are sick and tired of your kids being told to honor Martin Luther King, Jr. or to glorify homosexuals and their lifestyle. You don’t like your children’s school – day in and day out anti-white propaganda. Wouldn’t it be nice to get information and ideas from people that understand you and your family.

That is where this website, we hope, will fill the void. We do not intend to provide all the information, all the tools, books, etc. We will, however, help point you in the right direction. We will work to help you realize how important this is to your family and your nation. We will strive to provide encouragement and support. We consist of experienced home schooling families and we are all involved – and have been for many years – in the white nationalist movement. We love God, race, and nation. We hope you will find this website helpful.