Your Children and Racial Integrity

Raising Your Children To Have Racial Integrity

Raising children with racial integrity is fast becoming a topic of increased importance. It is not because it is some new idea, but rather because there are even more obstacles than ever before. Many parents are at a loss when it comes to the basics. And many parents underestimate the degree to which their children are being targeted. As race conscious people yourselves, you already have a fair idea of the propaganda being used against your children. I simply want to give you a few ideas to help you along the way.

How soon should you start teaching your children about white nationalism? The answer is – right away – right now!

Our children should be raised with a certain mind set. As a parent it is important for you to show your children that not only are you concerned about their future, but you are willing to take a part in protecting their future. However, not only should you show them that you are willing to be an active participant in safeguarding their future, but you must include them. Your job as a parent is not to secure just their future, but to teach them how to secure their children’s future. God has bestowed on parents the responsibility of teaching their children. Parents may come together and choose others to assist in the process, but ultimately the responsibility is theirs and theirs alone.

.Pastor Robb often mentions as his earliest recollection of racial consciousness the many publications that his parents subscribed to. His mother would work long hours copying important articles and sending them to friends and family. His grandmother would get tracts on the evil of integration and mixed marriages and pass them out. They only point of caution I would make in this regard is to stay clear of fear propaganda or publications that make this their focal point. Pointing out the evil in the world is one thing, but giving you an overdose so that you become paralyze with fear is only service to our enemies. Reports of negativity must be coupled with the fact that as Christians we are to be bold and brave and fear only the Lord. We worship the one we fear because we then coordinate all of our actions based upon that fear. We are then worshiping another other that Christ. We are to fear God and Him alone. So make sure the racialist publications that you have come into your home are based upon positive Christianity.

To sum up the answer to this question is thus: Begin teaching your children by preparing your mind, heart, and soul to be in a positive position so that you can achieve your task of raising children with racial integrity.

Become an active participant in a racialist cause. When something is important to a person, they show that importance by making it a big part of their life. And this doesn’t just relate to racial integrity, it’s a core principle that many easily forget. For example, lets suppose we are talking about the importance of the nuclear family. A father or mother may feel that their children, relationship, overall family unit is very important, but if they do not spend time with the family then how are the children / spouse to know they are important? There is a song from the 70’s by Cat Stevens in which a little boy is continually asking his father to do something with him – spend time with him, but the father always answers, “not right now – maybe later” The little boy wants so bad to grow up to be just like his dad. This goes on for years until the father is an old man. Now the father is alone and wants nothing more than to see and spend time with his son and grand children. But the son is always busy and never has the time. The father soon realizes that yes, in fact his little boy had grown up to be just like him.

If something is important than you spend time doing it or being involved with it – whether its your kids, your wife or husband, a hobby, or cause. If you don’t spend time with whatever it is that you believe is important, than truthfully, it really isn’t as important to you as you like to tell yourself it is. This living example of what is truly important to you will rub off on your kids.

Whether you are a card carrying member of a racialist organization or not, if raising your children with racial integrity is important to you, then it must consistently remain a focal point of not just your life, but the life of your family. In my family, striving to be a Christian overcomer, maintaining a positive attitude, staying informed of the attacks against our race, working toward white Christian revival, and always trying to be prepared for the doors the Lord may open – is not a weekend or monthly affair – it is what defines our family.

We believe that racial integrity and Christianity can not be separated. We believe that the white race are the propagators of Christianity, the servant people that God ordained to rule, subdue, and to assist in the ushering in of His Kingdom/government. To do this, he established separation of the races and to fulfill the mission our race was given, we must maintain racial integrity. Therefore racial integrity is the most important tenant of Christianity. This does not undermine the importance of any other Christian belief, but ties them all together…when you realize that Jesus Christ came and died to redeem His racial kinsmen. Should our people then despise their birthright? No. So then, to get our people back to this first most basic aspect of Christianity, is our first responsibility. And the first people to which we must ensure that this truth is received, believed, and acted upon, is our own personal family. Our family considers itself a missionary family. Its not that our people have never heard of Jesus Christ or of the Christian faith, but rather the Christian faith has been infiltrated by the Anti-Christs and now a false form of Christianity is being taught around the globe, one that denies the birthright of the white race.

If you feel that addressing this issue is important then you must carry the message to your family first and that begins with involvement, because your example is the first thing they look at.

Its not what you do – Its what you are. If you were to ask a person who happened to be a scientist what they did – they would not say, “I do science”. They would say, “I am a Scientist”. Being a white nationalist or missionary of racial integrity is not something you do. It is who you are – If that is – you have really made it a part of your life and you make it a part of your family’s life.

This does not mean that you gather the kids together in the morning – make sure the baby is securely fastened in his high chair, and read them a carefully prepared daily report of the latest attacks on racial integrity. But we’ll discuss what not do with the next question/answer.

Our home is to be a center of activism. Sometimes members become somewhat depressed when they realize there aren’t a whole lot of people like them. Yes, there are many many people who are searching. There are many many people who share many of the different beliefs we do. But to find enough people, who not only share our belief in racial integrity, but who have the courage to make it a real part of their life is sadly, few and far between. This can leave activists/members feeling unfulfilled. However, without stepping on any toes or making anyone angry I believe an analogy can be drawn here. It is often said that people who are always bored are really just boring people. Its not that there isn’t anything to do – its just that they don’t do anything. They are boring. Have you ever seen a kid sit in front of the television all day and complain of being bored. Well we both know that it isn’t because there is nothing else to do besides watch tv. They are just too boring or lazy to do anything else

Now, I’m not for a second saying that anyone is lazy or boring. What I am saying is that many people are missing a golden opportunity. They want to be active. They wish there was a white nationalist group nearby or a church with a preacher who would boldly teach racial integrity from the pulpit. But there isn’t. Why not consider your family. The first church meetings were held in homes. Political revolutions have always started as discussions in the home. Your home and your family is waiting for your leadership. How can anyone feel alone when they have God on their side and a missionary family to teach, train, love, guide, and organize. And should per chance you be in a situation in which you started to late and your kids are unbelieving teens or you married a man or woman who does not support racial integrity then it only means than it does not mean you have a missed opportunity. It only means you have a greater responsibility. Begin by making your beliefs the defining aspect of your life. Work even harder to spend time with them and to show them you love them (especially important if they think you are crazy for your beliefs) and then be consistent with your loving example, caring attitude, and unapologetic activism.

Its not what you do sometimes – Its what you do all the time.